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Re: who's out there Birdie MacLennan 06 Dec 1990 13:58 UTC

On Wed, 5 Dec 90 12:03:00 CDT <TSANDERS@AUDUCVAX> said:
>I would like to know who else is on this list--names, titles, locations,
>interests.  Is this possible?  I have lots of questions but why waste time
>entering them if I don't get any responses?  Thomas SAnders, Head,
>Serials, Auburn University

There are currently 300+ subscribers to SERIALST and you may see their
first names, last names, and e-mail addresses by asking the listserv at
uvmvm to send you the SERIALST list of subscribers.  The command sequence:

         tell listserv@uvmvm rev serialst            or
        $ send listserv@uvmvm rev serialst        *(VAX)

This is the only information that is readily available about subscribers
unless people send in introductions.  When NOTRBCAT (a discussion group
for rare book catalogers using NOTIS) began a few months ago, the listowner
solicited introductory responses from her subscribers and manually compiled
a directory of subscribers' names, titles, addresses, e-mail addresses, and
institutions.   Do people want to introduce themselves on SERIALST?  I had
hoped that subscribers would introduce themselves by sending in questions,
concerns, responses, etc. to the list and then signing their name, title,
and institution.  (I was hoping to be a low-maintenance listowner).

However, if there is demand for a list of subscribers that is more
specific than the one that is generated by the listserv, it will need to
be compiled by an individual.  I'd be willing to do this if people would
be willing to send in information about themselves.  You could send this
information publicly (to SERIALST) or privately to me (BMACLENN@UVMVM)
and I could compile for periodical distribution on the list.  What do
other people think?  Would this be helpful?

Birdie MacLennan (BMACLENN@UVMVM)
SERIALST Listowner / Serials Cataloger
University of Vermont