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Serial Analytics and Bound Withs Shirley Coleman 07 Jan 1991 19:27 UTC

I have already posted this message to NOTIS-L but received very little response,
so I thought I would send it out on SERIALST (perhaps where I should have
d in the first place).

How do other NOTIS libraries handle the barcoding, item records and circulation
information for a) serial analytics, and b) bound withs, including both title
changes bound together and unrelated titles bound together?  We are currently
discussing how to barcode these items and also which bibliographic record to
attach the item records to and would appreciate hearing of the experiences/
solutions of other NOTIS sites.

Thanks in advance,

Shirley Coleman, Serials Catalog Librarian
Catalog Department
Room 370, Stewart Center
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN