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Repetition Repetition Repetition Repetition JANAND@USU.BITNET 03 Apr 1991 19:15 UTC

   In response to Tom's concern over the repetition of the requested
serials definition:
   I'm guilty of sending one of the many responses (though I sent mine
directly to the requesto--just think how many more of THOSE she got
as well!).  Let me note for future reference that this is not the
first time I have: 1) signed on the in the morning and found 46
messages to get through; 2) tried to zip through them, deleting as
I go; 3) found a question to which I could helpfully respond; 4)
quickly stopped to dash off the response; 5) and then read through
the rest of the mail only to find that the requestor had been responsed
to death already.
   Now that I've done this twice, I promise to do better.  Maybe others
who answered had the same experience.
   (In answer to Tom's other suggestion, I don't find it surprising
or out of place for a serials manager to be asking help explaining
our domain to outsiders.  Not at all!)
                  --Jan Anderson (Utah State University)