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Re: Differential Pricing Institutions/Individuals Tony Ralli 05 Apr 1991 07:54 UTC

My only experience of differential pricing by publishers has
been where the same journal is differently priced for sale in
say the U.S. and Canada, Europe and the Rest of the World (which
includes us!) This is quite iniquitous based on the argument that
it is more costly to service subscriptions out of area. The fallacy
of this is clearly demonstrated by offering to purchase (and even
consolidate) through a Country of Origin agent--the price is still
the same.

There was a curious case a couple of years ago when a major publisher
priced his journals differently in the US, London and Germany. This
may have been inadvertent due to unanticipated exchange rate fluctuations
but it certainly made quite a difference in the price (in Australian
dollars) where the item was sourced.

Differential pricing seems to be more the pr      rovince of the Serials Agents
whose terms vary considerably according to how much business you put
through them and what is the mix.

Publishers do frequently charge differentially between libraries and
individuals, and sometimes on the basis of profit vs. non-profit, especially
in areas like law, but as between one library and another I would
not have thought it common.

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