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Re: EXPLAINING THE TEST Daniel Lester (07 Apr 1991 07:23 UTC)

Re: EXPLAINING THE TEST Daniel Lester 07 Apr 1991 07:23 UTC

On Tue, 2 Apr 91 11:42:37 EST Nancy J. Keane said:
>I don't know if my explanation of error delivery messages would be called
>definitive, but I'll offer one reason for these messages.  When a message
>bounces on the list, the listowner AND the message writer are notified of
>that delivery error.  Therefore, if you send a note to a list and only
>one recipient on the list can't receive it, you will get a message back
>saying that there was an error in delivery of the message.  This does not

Who is notified depends on how the list has options set.
In my  opinion it is ONLY the listowner that should be notified, as he/she
is the only person who can do anything about it.
But some listowners have it set to notify ONLY the sender, which is not
user friendly and makes the sender think his words of wisdome didn't
get distributed.  The key is to notice that usually if you wade through the
error messages that they refer to one particular recipient only.
Good luck.  dan    listowner of advanc-l

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