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Haworth CLARKM@NYUACF.BITNET 10 Apr 1991 23:43 UTC

Although I share Jean's concerns about agent's delaying payments, I must
say that my personal experience with Haworth is that their titles are
indeed frequently delayed. I wrote an article for an issue that was to
be published in summer 1990 and it finally was published this (1991) year.
I find that many publishers are using various tactics to create direct
sales.Moody's sales reps call all the time to tell us that a title is
due to be renewed. When we tell them we have it through a vendor, they
need to know which one and then they leave us alone. One time we said
yes, we were planning to renew and ended up with two copies--one from
our agent and one direct.
More publishers are also planning to become sole source supplier--
witness Macmillan's pressure on librarians and making some of their
reference materials direct only. We, librarians, need to keep repeating
to publishers that they are NOT helping us....
Marsha Clark