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Re: use studies of serials Tjalda Belastock 12 Apr 1991 14:14 UTC

I've been using our online system (Dynix) on which we have entered every
periodical issue/volume to do use counts. I can generate delicious use
reports alphabetically, or by subject/department, or ranked by usage.
I've written an article about it, and presented a talk on the same topic
at ACRL/Cincinnati. The topic was actually about closing the periodical
stacks, but the part I have been so excited about is the usage reports I
can now generate because we closed the stacks and put all the periodical
holdings on the system.
If anyone is interested I could write a little description for the list on
how we do it.

    Tjalda Belastock
    Associate Library Director
    Bentley College
    Waltham, MA 02154