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Florida CMD Institute Jeanene McNair 11 Jul 1991 07:53 UTC

It is not too late to register for the Florida Collection Management and
Development Institute, sponsored by ALCTS, August 3-6, 1991 at Rollins College
(a suburb of Disney World). To register: contact Yvonne McLean, American
Library Association, ALCTS, 50 East Huron  Street, Chicago IL 60611.
1-800=545-2433, ext. 5032.

The Institutes are planned by local groups. The only other Institute being
planned is one in Toronto, October 1992. So if you want to attend an CMD
Institute your option is to come to Florida in August; Toronto next year in
October; or begin planning your own for 1993.

Program Outline:
Organization and Staffing for Collection Development
_Large Group Sessions on:_
Organization and Staffing for Collection Development
Fiscal Mangement: Approaches and Strategies
Options for Resource Sharing
Emergence of the Electronic Collection
Preservation Strategies

_Small Group Sessions on:_

Management Information Systems
Selection: Business Materials
Accreditation Program Review Reports
Strategic Planning/CD Policy Statements
Selection: Science & Technology Materials
Librarian/Curator Role in Marketing the Library
Selection: Children's Materials
Collection Analysis and Evaluation: Use and Potential of AMIGOS Analysis

Fees: $205 for ALA/ALCTS members; $240 for ALA members; $275 for non-members.
These fees cover instructional materials, all meals, and coffee breaks.
Housing: dormitory housing is available at $23 for single room, $27 for each
person in a double room. (includes sheets)

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