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Opacs on the Internet LIBPED@EMUVM1.BITNET 18 Jul 1991 18:27 UTC

 Due to overload of information from cataloging and law discussion groups
 and serials, I haven't had the time to subscribe to discussion groups like
 PACS-L or really read for retention the appropriate serials to find out
 how to access other opacs through the Internet or what ones could be  accessed.
 I am fortunate to have a husband who is Emory's library systems manager, who
 gave me two titles to try to lessen my ignorance after I mentioned the
 discussions I had read on the lists I am subscribed to.  For those of you
 who interested and innocent like me, the titles are:

 1. "Searching library catalogs on the Internet: a survey" / by Aggi W. Raeder
    and Karen L. Andrews.  Database Searcher, p. 16-31, Sept. 1990.

 2. Internet-accessible library catalogs and databases / compiled by Dr. Art
    St. George at the University of New Mexico and Dr. Ron Larsen at the
    University of New Mexico.  April 16, 1991.  So far, this is free, and
    according to Raeder and Andrews, Dr. St. George "continues to serve
    as a central source for receiving corrections and updates, and issues
       periodically." It's a wonderful directory complete with instructions and
       information contacts for some libraries.

 Pam Deemer
 Emory Law Library
 Atlanta GA 30322