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"Subscription audits" JANAND@USU.BITNET 26 Jul 1991 14:55 UTC

    I have a question: You know these little questionnaires we've all
begun receiving over the last couple of years?  The little "you have to
answer these questions or we'll stop sending you the journal (the one you
paid us good money for)"?  What are these questionnaires REALLY??

    I once telephoned the woman whose signature appeared on the letter
from a journal which sent us such a questionnaire.  She vaguely told me
it has to do with some organization to which the journal belongs.  It
SOUNDED as if some business is perhaps paying journals to collect this
data so they can re-sell it as marketing info.  Anybody know what the
deal is????????
                      --Jan Anderson (Utah State University)

    (And how '
    (And how 'bout the term "subscription audit"?  Is it intended to
make us feel a need to help out the poor journal which is being somehow
audited by some mysterious entity?)