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Circulation of Serials Billie R. Peterson 26 Jul 1991 23:49 UTC

The libraries at Baylor University may be facing pressure to circulate our
periodicals when we move into a new building next year.  We would like to
know if other libraries have had to deal with this issue.

  1.  Did you start circulating your periodicals?  How did you implement
      the process?  Do you have a manual or automated circulation system?
      If you have an automated system, how did you go about barcoding the
      periodical collection?   Do you circulate both the bound and unbound
      periodicals?  For what length of time do you circulate your
      periodicals?  Does the length of time vary for bound volumes and
      unbound volumes?  What have been the advantages and disadvantages of
      circulating periodicals?

  2.  If you didn't give in to the pressure to circulate periodicals, how
      did you build your case not to circulate the periodicals?  If you
      don't currently circulate your periodicals, do you have special
      circulation policies for faculty?  What are those special policies?
      We already have a number of strong reasons for not starting to
      circulate our periodicals, but we would be interested in hearing
      reasons from other people.

Please send your responses and comments directly to the address listed

Barbara Dreher
Moody Memorial Library
P. O. Box 97148
Baylor University
Waco, TX  76798-7148
(817) 755-2112
BITNET:  dreherb@baylor.bitnet