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ALCTS Serials Management Institute 'Alex Bloss 312-280-5034' <U47209@UICVM> 29 Jul 1991 23:45 UTC

 Rec'd this over the weekend for clarification on my questions concerning the
 ALCTS Serials Seminar in Chicago. This has helped clear up any confusion I had
 and thought that Serialst readers would want to know also. Many thanks to
 Marjorie Bloss, Alex Bloss and Linda Gould for their clarification!!!!!
 Anne E. McKee   Bibliographic Services Librarian  ASU-West
 (602) 543-8541
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 I am responding to your SERIALST posting of 7/25 in behalf of Marjorie
 Bloss, chair of the ALA ALCTS Serials Management Planning Committee. She says:
 "I'm not quite sure how to respond to your SERIALST posting.  I'm
 complimented by your comparison to NASIG, but the ALCTS Serials
 Management Institute has a different focus and audience than do NASIG
 Annual Conferences.  It was, in fact, planned without reference to the
 1991 NASIG Conference, on which I assume you are basing your comparison.
 The ALCTS Serials Management: Shaping a Changing Environment is planned
 as an intensive 1 1/2 day institute geared primarily for librarians at
 management and decision-making levels.Our intention is to attract others
 who are affected by changes in the serials environment such as faculty,
 administrators outside of the library, vendors and publishers.  While
 papers will come from representatives of publisher, scholarly, vendor,
 and library communities, the major focus of the institute will be
 intensive facilitated working sessions.  Out of these will come
 strategies that participants can use to influence the effect of serials
 pricing at their own institutions.
 I hope this clarifies what the institute is about.  Brochures will be
 mailed shortly to ALCTS and ACRL members.  If SERIALST users are not
 members of these ALA divisions, please notify Alex Bloss at U47209@UICVM
 and he will be happy to send a brochure.  -- Marjorie Bloss, Director of
 Technical Services, Center for Research Libraries."
 I am not a subscriber to SERIALST, although I monitor it on NETNEWS.
 Anne, I would appreciate it if you could post this response on NETNEWS.
 Thanks.  Alex Bloss