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Re: JOURNALS ON CD-ROM Nancy J. Keane (04 Aug 1991 16:47 UTC)

Re: JOURNALS ON CD-ROM Nancy J. Keane 04 Aug 1991 16:47 UTC

On Fri, 2 Aug 1991 12:08:00 CDT LAURIE MEYER said:
>In the past year our library acquired the UMI Pro-Quest database system,
>with many of the journals indexed on the system available full-text.  I
>am curious as to how other libraries are dealing with journals which are
>available to them in electronic format.  Do you count these journals
>together with your bound and micro-format journals to get volume and
>title counts?  Do you treat them differently from the "traditional"
>journal collection and what problems have this new format created
>for your periodicals department.  Of course, I would also like to know
>what you like and what are the advantages for your periodicals department.
>Reply directly to me or to the list.
>Laurie Meyer
>Circulation/Periodicals Librarian
>Rockhurst College
>Greenlease Library
>Kansas City, Mo.

I would be interested in responses to Laurie Meyer's questions regarding
ProQuest.  We will be testing the system this fall and it would help to
learn how others view the product.  Please respond to the list.  Thanks.

Nancy J. Keane
Trinity College of Vermont