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IFLA James Mouw 20 Aug 1991 14:13 UTC

I read a message on one of these lists yesterday reminding us to remember our
colleagues who are in Moscow for IFLA.  I also ask you to think of these
folk.  Several of them are my friends and I know they are your's as well.

There was an article in the Chicago Tribune this morning that said [I
paraphrase] that an official of LC had spoken to Billington, who is in
Moscow, and that he said all was fine and that the meetings were continuing
as scheduled with no interruptions.  However, this news is probably 24 hours
old by now.

Has anyone out there in net-land spoken to anyone else in Moscow???

Sorry about the cross-posting.

Jim Mouw
Univ. of Chicago

Bitnet:                 uclmouw@uchimvs1