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Binding Documents BMACLENN@UVMVM.BITNET 04 Dec 1991 17:05 UTC

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Originally from: Yvonne Stroup <YSTROUP@UTAHLIB>
                 by way of <postmaster@utahlib>
 Wed, 20 Nov 91 08:56:05 MST
Date:         Wed, 20 Nov 91 08:34:20 MST
From:         Yvonne Stroup <YSTROUP@UTAHLIB>
Subject:      Binding documents

We are in the process of converting our U.S. government documents to
online and are running into a binding problem.  In the past titles like Local
climatological data and Area wage surveys have had all sections bound
together once a year alphabetically by reporting station.  The stem call
number was used on the spine of the volume.  In the case of Local
climatological data each year was split into 3 volumes.  Since going on line
we have set up an individual bibliographic record for each section and are
using the complete SuDoc number assigned to each section.  We would like to
bind each section separately, but we may run into a budget problem.  Going
from 3 vols a year to 302 (the number of records we now have in for the
climatologica data, and I know there is more to come) volumes per year is
going to wreak havoc with the binding budget.  And this is only one of many
titles we will have this problem with.  We have considered in-house velo-
binding or something similar on an annual basis and the hard binding every
5 years or so.  This will still have a strong impact on our binding budget.
Has anyone else run into this problem and how did you handle it?  Even if
you haven't bound them together in the past I would be interested in hearing
how you are handling these types of problems.

Yvonne Stroup
Serials Cataloger