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electronic journals Jeri Van Goethem 05 Dec 1991 15:43 UTC

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Query for  Serialists:  Our Chemistry Librarian recently sent me the
          question below.  What is everyone doing about journals which
          include diskettes?

          The most recent issue of Spectrochimica acta part B came
          with something new - Spectrochimica acta electronica, v.46B
          - three disks that go along with the print.   Should this be
          separately cataloged?  This issue consists of three high
          density 3 1/2" disks for the PC (not Mac).  I never put
          original disks out, but copy them and put the archive disks
          away in a cabinet.  That is okay when we were only getting
          one title that didn't come vary often.  This one won't
          either so it still isn't bad.  One of these disks took over
          an hour to copy it was so packed and I got truly bored!  Do
          you think we need a policy for disk journals?  Should we
          bother to copy the disks?  If not, what do we do when an
          issue gets lost?  What will we do about sending these out on
          ILL?  If we send a disk, then it is like distributing the
          product far more than a photocopy would be.  This is just
          something new for you to be thinking about!