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Friendly Usenet Interfaces for Libraries Stevan Harnad 10 Dec 1991 15:03 UTC

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From: (Steve Cisler)

Stevan Harnad comments:
> Perhaps
>it would be worth libraries' while to develop a friendlier interface to
>Usenet, because, on the face of it, Usenet is much closer to the public
>library model, whereas Listserv email is much more like individual

There are some terrific Macintosh interfaces for Usenet. One of the
most popular is NewsWatcher which can be ftp'ed from
It allows you to set up subsets of newsgroups in clusters, filter
subjects easily, read, post, print, and save items with great ease.
Steve Falkenburg at Apple is responsible for this gem.

I think it would be enormously popular in various types of libraries or
firms who don't want to use 'rn' or 'nn'.

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