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Serials librarians perched Marcia Tuttle 20 Dec 1991 01:23 UTC

Date:         Thu, 19 Dec 1991 20:01:42 EST
From:         Judith Shelton <LIBJMS@GSUVM1>
Subject:      Serials librarians perched

 My map cataloging colleague (who had forwarded the first message)      e to me
 sent this follow-up.  I expect you'll inundated with it but here it is.anyway.
 Judith Shelton, Georgia State University
 ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
 Correction: those serials librarians "already perched on window sills"
 because of the Australian TERRA NOVA....already jumped because:

 Terra Nova was a title already used by the European Union of Geosciences
 for their journal...