Leonardo Marcia Tuttle 06 Jan 1992 18:05 UTC

From:         "Erika C. Linke" <el08+%ANDREW.CMU.EDU@CARNEGIE>
Subject:      Leonardo

This message is directed to those  who subscribe
to the journal: Leonardo (0024-094X).

Be aware that vol. 24, #6 is issued as
vol.1, #1 of the Leonardo Music Journal (0961-1215)
accompanied by a compact disc entitled:
"Anthology of Music for the 21st Century"
and labeled as Leonard Music Journal, CD Series Volume One-ISAST1.

Initially we thought we'd received a sample of a new title.
On examination of the mailing label we discovered a tell-tale
024/6 above our subscriber number (referring to the enumeration
of Leonardo)  which lead us to call Pergamon.

This morning Pergamon confirmed that vol.1, #1 of
the Leonardo Music Journal is vol. 24, #6 of Leonardo.
When publishing the issue, they forgot to include this
important piece of information on the issue (their explanation).

What a way to end or, is it begin, a volume?

Erika Linke,
Carnegie Mellon University