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Serials Departments Marcia Tuttle 07 Jan 1992 03:10 UTC

Date: Mon, 6 Jan 92 17:14:39 -0500
Subject: Serials Departments

To Serials Dept. Heads,

An upcoming retirement is giving me the opportunity to re-think the
arrangement of our serials department.  We are currently split into two
sections: Periodicals (defined as received more often than once a year) and
Continuations (received annually or less often; also includes sets).  This
made perfect sense when we had a manual system with separate card files,
but now that we are automated it doesn't seem so necessary.  My question
is:  what other arrangements have libraries tried, and how do they work?
How are staff responsiblities divided?

Any input would be most appreciated!


Barbara Weir
Asst. Tech. Services Librarian for Serials
Swarthmore College