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More on predictive-pattern data PERSING@BCVMS.BITNET 22 Jan 1992 03:10 UTC

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A followup to Donna Lively's question yesterday about caption/pattern
information for predictive checkin systems:  How much time do people
spend updating pattern information after the initial setup?  The level
of detail NOTIS 5.1 includes would require continual modification of
the patterns (unless someone comes up with a way to prevent publishers
from changing their frequencies and captions).  We had thought about
trying to find a vendor to sell us caption/pattern information for
NOTIS 5.1, but see no point if we would then have to continually remake
that data.  Has anyone out there been maintaining detailed caption
information long enough to judge the value of this time spent?

Bob Persing
Serials Supervisor
O'Neill Library, Boston College
(617) 552-3213  PERSING@BCVMS (Bitnet)