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Re: Creating checkin records Marcia Tuttle 31 Jan 1992 13:56 UTC

From:         Carol Schaafsma <CAROLS@UHUNIX>
Subject:      Re: Creating checkin records

At the University of Hawaii we converted as material was received.  If we
could not convert all of a given day's receipts, we opted to convert the most
frequently received titles first, so that there would be check-in records
available for those titles when they came in next week or next month.  The
pressure of conversion seemed to us to be less for less frequently received
material.  The exception was daily newspapers (or those received more
frequently than weekly).  They were so complex that we put them aside for the
VERY end when, presumably, we would be more experienced and better able to
handle them.  They were also easily identifiable and could be shunted through
an alternate system fairly easily.  Finally, if a title seemed exceptionally
complex (e.g., received in random order, highly irregular, etc.) we put it to
one side and did the conversion later, again on the more experience basis.
I should add that we were continuing manual checkin in the Kardex at this
time and we send the titles which we did not convert for immediate manual
checkin and to the stacks.  We did not hold issues for conversion, but the
problems of course arose again, as soon as the next issue came.

Good luck and happy converting!

Carol Schaafsma
Serials Department
University of Hawaii Library