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Holdings Format Information Marcia Tuttle 06 Feb 1992 18:34 UTC

Date:         Thu, 6 Feb 1992 11:09:07 EST
From:         Susan Davis <UNLSDB@UBVM>
Subject:      Holdings Format Information

In response to Kathi's request for information on formatting holdings, I
sent her a private message requesting her fax # to send her some of the
information we developed here.  A colleague suggested I should make it
known list-wide that we have documentation here on VHLD, OPR and Item
records for NOTIS (version 4.6).  If others are interested, I would be
willing to send it to you (it runs about 10 pages, I think).  Of course
NOTIS's new 5.1 serials checkin module is going to cause some re-thinking
on all our parts.  Just for the record, we are using level 4 of the ANSI
1986 holdings format for serials.

Please respond personally to me at UNLSDB@UBVM or Internet: UNLSDB@UBVM.CC.
BUFFALO.EDU with your fax # AND MAILING ADDRESS.  If I receive a lot of
requests,  I will have to mail them, we can't afford too many long
distance calls.  I will also cross post this on NOTISACQ, so apologies in
advance for duplicate postings.

Susan Davis
Head, Periodicals
University at Buffalo