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Ejournals in libraries WALTER01@UTSW.BITNET 08 Feb 1992 03:22 UTC

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
Last November I asked subscribers to this list to let me know if
they were already acquiring, mounting and providing access to any
electronic journals.  At that time and since then, several people
have asked if I would put that list of libraries on SERIALST.
Sorry it has taken so long but here it is.

Since my original query was informal and imprecise, respondents
provided a variety of interesting information, all of which I have
included under their listings.

I hope the list of ejournal libraries is longer now than it was
then.  If there are new ejournal libraries which should be included
in an updated list to be used in our library (and posted here if
there is sufficient interest), please let me know.

Mitchel Walters
UT Southwestern Medical Center Library
Dallas, TX

                        SUMMARY OF QUERY ON

Auburn University
     Method of access:   Staff subscriptions only, not accessible
                         to patrons
     Respondent:    Thomas Sanders, Serials
                    Auburn University, AL

Dartmouth University
     Titles acquired:    _JIAHR_
                         _Newsletter on Serials Pricing Issues_
                         _PACS-L Review_
     Method of access:   Through Public fileserver in Library
     Respondent:    Carol Magenau, Serials Librarian

Duke University
     Method of access:   Local area network
     Respondent:    Jeri Van Goethem
                    Head, Acquisitions and Serials
                    Duke University

North Carolina State University
     Titles acquired:    _Post Modern Culture_
     Method of access:   Distributed by campus computing center on
                         campus information system (with terminal
                         in library)
     Respondent:    Ronnie Pitman

Ohio State University
     Acquisition agent:  Library Acquisitions Dept.
     Method of access:   Campus network
     Respondent:    Carol Pitts Hawks
                    Head, Acquisition Dept.
                    The Ohio State University Libraries

University of Delaware
     Titles acquired:    _JIAHR_
     Method of access:   Distributed electronically, campus wide
     Respondent:    Josephine Williamson

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
     Number of titles:   5
     Acquisition agent:  University Libraries
     Cataloged in OPAC?  yes
     Method of access:   University online information system
     Respondent:    Gail McMillan