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Re: Verifying Subscription Costs ERCELAA@VUCTRVAX.BITNET 02 Apr 1992 14:46 UTC

Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1992 07:56:00 PST
From: 780323 <AD30CTR0@ITRIB.ITRI.ORG.TW>
Subject: RE: Verifying Subscription Costs

currently we are the biggest client of ebsco's in taiwan. itri library
we also had the problem like you mentioned on the e-mail.  what we got
to do is first, we checked with the journal title page, sometimes the
publisher is clearly posted the subscription rates on the page.
since your pricing is doubled or tripled than the ulrich's plus
you can contact the ebsco regional office to resovle the problem.
basically, you can get all your monies back, i guaranteed!
i will reflects your problem to ebsco foreign direct today, i 'll
believe the headquarters will give you a straight answer.
i have been to visit hong kong ebsco regional office once in 1990
there are three ladies on the post, and manage routine work and
accept supervision from taipei's office.  you can not blaim her
because they are still too young with less experienced.
have you library facilitied with ebsconet via internet, if you don't
please let me know.  i can give you some help.
my fax number 886 35 940728
hope above messgae is help
larry chen