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Business Week KSTETSON@FAIR1.BITNET 09 Apr 1992 22:10 UTC

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We have recently discovered some additional confusion about
_Business Week_. _Business Week_ (ISSN 0007-7135) also has
an "industrial edition," (ISSN 0739-8395). The OCLC record for the
industrial edition (#9431646) notes in a 515 that it has the same
numbering as _Business Week_. UMI's _Serials in Microform_ lists
only the industrial edition with that ISSN, as does _Ulrich_, while
Ebsco's _Serials Directory_ lists only the "regular" edition with
that ISSN.

The fiche that we receive from UMI is labeled "industrial/technology ed."
but comparison with a paper copy shows that it is actually the "regular"
edition with that ISSN on the title page (0007-7135) in both fiche and
paper copies.

A conversation with _Business Week's_ editorial office verified that
two different editions are published. Neither Katz _Magazines for
Libraries_ 7th ed, Daniells _Business Information Sources_ 1985, or Strauss
_Handbook of Business Information_ 1988 mentions the existence of more
than one edition.

I hope that someone can shed some light on this.

Keith Stetson
Collection Development Librarian
Fairfield University