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Re: Call number labels from automated systems Carol P. Hawks 21 Apr 1992 14:14 UTC

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We use the INNOVACQ system at Ohio State including the label
printing function at point of serials check-in.  Each of our
serials check-in stations has a double-decker printer stand
and two Okidata printers.  One has label stock loaded and the
other regular paper.  A switch box allows the operator to
toggle between printers as needed.
INNOVACQ offers the check-in clerk the option of printing a
label after the item is checked in.  The label is immediately
printed allowing the clerk to remove the label and place it
on the piece then.  (The form feed is set to advance evey other
label during this process so that the newly printed label
is available above the platen.  We run each sheet of labels
through the printer twice to not waste any labels.)  In addition
our labels are custom made to preservation standards and include
the ownership information "The Ohio State University Libraries"
in red on the top.  The system prints location and call number.
If a printer fails at a particular workstation, the label can
be regenerated endlessly by issuing a command.  If the printer
fails you just go to another printer, locate the title and
reprint the label.  Reprinting doesn't require re-checking in
the issue.
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