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Verifying bib. info. at check-in ggordon@RUACAD.AC.RUNET.EDU 23 Apr 1992 19:18 UTC

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I am interested in knowing how other libraries maintain current
information in their serials bibliographic records after the title
is cataloged.

Here at Radford University, we are planning to begin full catalog-
ing of our periodicals.  Previously, we have entered brief records
into our local system which contain title, a few notes, and general
subject terms.  These records contain no publication information,
issuing body notes, or access points for issuing body.  Obviously,
the need to record changes hasn't come up too often.

1) If you have full cataloging for serials and have automated
serials control, do you attempt to maintain current information in
your serials bibliographic records by verifying the bibliographic
record against the new issue during the check-in process?

2) If so, what bibliographic information is verified in the serials
check-in process?

3) How do you report changes to the serials catalogers?

4) For frequently received issues, do you verify information on
every issue or do you have a method of verifying every so often?

5) Do serials catalogers assist in training check-in staff in
serials cataloging basics?

Thank you in advance for any information or comments.

Gerald Gordon
Coordinator of Cataloging Services
McConnell Library
Radford University
Radford, VA