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Choice v.29 no.10 June 1992 Marcia Tuttle 07 Jul 1992 14:44 UTC

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Date:         Mon, 6 Jul 1992 16:32:20 PDT
From:         Elena Romaniuk <ENGIN@UVVM.UVIC.CA>
Subject:      Choice v.29 no.10 June 1992

Our latest issue of Choice, v. 29, no.10, June 1992 appears to have a problem
with the table of contents, the page numbers in the table of contents do not
match the corresponding ones in the issue.

Has anyone else encountered this problem with the above issue?


Elena Romaniuk
University of Victoria, McPherson Library
Victoria, B.C., Canada
(604) 721-8261     BITNET: ENGIN@UVVM     Internet:  ENGIN@UVVM.UVic.CA