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Budget ratio for serials/monographs CGASWICK@ALBION.BITNET 16 Sep 1992 17:28 UTC

I've found a number of articles which discuss the percent of the materials
budget spent for serials versus monographs in research libraries, but have
not located much comparable information for smaller academic institutions.
(I'm the serials librarian at a liberal arts college with 1,650 studnts.)

Can anyone out there help me by  (1) recommending articles you've read
or by  (2) reporting how funds are divided in your library.  If you're
reporting on your library let me know if you've included CD-ROMs with your
serials.  I'd also be interested in learning if any of you subdivide your
serials budget in other ways (e.g. periodicals, reference collection,
annuals & irregulars).

With the escalating cost of periodicals I imagine this is a concern for many
libraries.  You may report directly to me, and I will summarize the results
for the list.

Carolyn Gaswick
Albion College