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Bindery Priorities/budget Connie Foster 22 Sep 1992 18:30 UTC

I have searched Serialst archives but did not find info. pertaining to how
libraries set priorities for sending items to the bindery in times of
fiscal constraints. We have 3 basic units: periodicals, science, government
documents/law and reference shares with periodicals for bindery $$. We can
send around 125 per unit but must reduce that now in order to have money
for shipments for the rest of the year. With $34,000 and $12,000 already
spent, we must determine how to proceed. Has anyone else faced this yet?
Should all units be treated equally? etc. Monographs also are included but
we have sent pitifully few this year or last. They are definite low 'po's.
Also, we have been paying for 3 theses copies and only one of those is the
library copy. We are definitely recommending that we only pay for ours!

Connie Foster, 306 Cravens Library, Western KY University