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Classifying Serials Julie Su 28 Sep 1992 20:21 UTC

At IUPUI (Indiana U.-Purdue U. at Indianapolis) Library, we just recently
classified our periodicals (4600s titles).  The decision for classification
was not a unanimous one (I fully believe that this issue is so controversial
that you can not please everyone).  It took us 955 additional professional
hours and 2500+ clerical hours to complete the task.  In the classification
process, we also update bib. records, evaluate subject headings, shelflist
online, produce spine labels and barcodes, etc.  As we are moving into a new
library next year, the periodicals are kept in alphabetical order until moving
to the new building. Of the responses that appeared last week, I am interested
in Judith Hopkins at SUNY Buffalo's line about continuing "shelve the
classified periodicals separately from the monographs".  This is the most
recent issue for us now as some librarians would like to revisit the early
decision of intershelving periodicals and monographs.  Judith mentioned
Mitch Turitz's comments on this particular issue which I did not see as
I am not on AUTOCAT.  I would appreciate if someone can e-mail me the
original message or send me a hard copy of it.  Any comments on the user's
preferences on intershelving or separation of classified periodicals and
monographs will be most appreciated.

Julie Su
Serials Cataloger
IUPUI University Libraries
815 W. Michigan St.
Indianapolis, IN 46202