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call number changes/title change COULTHARD@ISCSVAX.UNI.EDU 05 Mar 1993 03:24 UTC

In reply to M. Simpson:

Although I am not a "serials cataloger" I am a Library Assistant IV working
daily with classified and unclassified serials.  The following summarizes our
local practice.

When the title changes on a classified title, generally the call number remains
the same.  Exceptions: if volume numbering begins again the call number is
changed; if the title change represents a distinct change in content or focus
the call number may be changed (discretion of the cataloger)

At one time, the cutter was modified slightly when the title change occurred.
This practice was discontinued: it was not considered necessary to change the
cutter since the titles belonged together; it simplified the cataloging
process; it followed DLC practice.

If there is any doubt about content, coverage, etc., the titles are referred to
the cataloger for a decision.

One more case: if the material has a limited retention in the library: KEEP
LATEST EDITION ONLY for example, the cutter may be changed to match the title
in hand rather than continue the cuttering of the old, discarded title.

Also, a similar question was discussed earlier in 1992 in AUTOCAT: Arrangement
of periodicals, you may want to check that discussion out in the archives of
that list.

Hope this helps!

Paula Coulthard
Rod Library, UNI
Cedar Falls, IA 50613