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Conversion of manual check in records Birdie MacLennan 05 Mar 1993 19:43 UTC

Date:       Fri, 5 Mar 1993 09:42:57 -0500
From:       Rolfe Gjellstad <>
Subject:    Conversion of manual check in records

For whatever it's worth, Yale Divinity Library was able to convert
retrospective serial holdings records for about 1,000 current subscriptions
from cards to on-line NOTIS positive volume holdings summaries during the
summer of 1990 by using 2 temporary graduate student assistants.  One of them
was also an accomplished organist who probably could have produced twice as
much if his work station had been equipped with multiple keyboards for hands
and feet.  These 2 assistants were also responsible for creating on-line
check-in records with vendor code numbers and routing & binding instructions.
Since then we have been gradually converting holdings for our dead serials
whenever a patron charges out a volume from an unconverted file.  The
circulation staff flags the record on-line for cataloging review, and a
cataloger updates it with holdings data.

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