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Re: ACM,IEEE,ASME (fwd) Marcia Tuttle 19 Mar 1993 03:10 UTC

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Date: Thu, 18 Mar 1993 14:11:45 EST
From: Susan Davis <>
Subject: Re: ACM,IEEE,ASME (fwd)

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>Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1993 09:12:01 MST
>From: Patricia Frade <LIBPAF@VM.BYU.EDU>
>I have a question that I would like imput on.  Here at BYU we have a
>standing order for the ACM conference proceedings, IEEE conference
>publications, & ASME publications.  As I search these titles on the
>utilities (RLIN & OCLC) I find that most of the records are book records.
>My question is why - why are these publications being cataloged as books
>where they are mostly serials?  These titles have numbering (volume/years)
>and usually appear to be annual or biennial.  When I search RLIN & OCLC I
>find book records and maybe 1 serial record & I don't understand the
>discrepancy.  Even in our library if one of these publications comes
>through a different sort or route, it may be cataloged as a book, and then
>several issues later it is caught and redone as a serial. Should these
>publications really be done as serials, or am I missing something?
***I think your P.S. explains why many libraries chose to deal with these
conferences as monographs, they keep changing their titles!  If you have to
edit your serial record every year, maybe they should really be monographs.
We struggled with some of these issues, and felt is was the best use of
staff time to treat as monographs in the majority of cases.

Susan Davis State University of NY at Buffalo

>P.S.  Some of these creatures have slightly different titles each time
they are issued.  Is anyone processing them as title changes or as title
varies notes?