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Unusual numbering (Bob Persing) ANN ERCELAWN 07 Sep 1993 19:48 UTC

Date: 07 Sep 1993 13:30:01 -0400
From: Robert Persing <persing@A1.RELAY.UPENN.EDU>
Subject: Unusual numbering

This year marks an unusual anniversary for the Chronicle, the journal of
the Omaha District Dental Society.  For the last 10 years now, this journal
has listed its year of publication as a number subtracted from 2000.  The
current issue is dated (both on the cover and inside) v.56,no.4,
June 2000-7.  They've done this ever since v.46,no.1, in what the rest of
us call 1983, when they did a special issue on "the future" in dentistry.

Has anyone ever heard of any other journals expressing their dates in
unique forms?  If so, how do you treat these in your bibliographic records?
What do you put on the spine when you bind?  My inclination is to use
standard, non-subtractive dates, but that probably disagrees with both
AACR2R or the ANSI holdings standards (or both).

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