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Re: Classification of periodicals/serials query (Charles F. Tremper) COULTHARD@COBRA.UNI.EDU 29 Sep 1993 16:32 UTC

At the University of Northern Iowa Library, we recently embarked on a project
to classify the Periodicals collection (currently shelved by main entry).
Through prior research and from related queries on the AUTOCAT list, we arrived
at the following guidelines for classification.

Materials used:
Taylor, Arlene G.  __Cataloging with Copy__. 2nd ed. Libraries Unlimited, Inc.,
Englewood, CO, 1988, p. 210.

__Subject cataloging manual: shelflisting__.  Subject Cataloging Division,
Library of Congress, 1987, memo G1000.

1.  Two linking notes affect the cutter assigned to a periodical.  These are
"continued by" and "continues".  When these linking notes exist and the serial
numbering continues, then the title change receives the same classification
number and the same cutter as its previous title.

2.  If a serial begins new numbering with a title change and/or has a change in
subject content, assign a new call number and a new cutter.

3.  If a serial begins new numbering with a title change but the subject
content remains the same, assign the same call number with a different cutter
(do not slide cutter, cutter for the new title).

4.  Any 090/050 classification and cutter found on OCLC which is consistent
between title changes is OK to use.  If catalogers assign the classification,
cutter from the first title owned and carry through as appropriate.  (All call
numbers from OCLC are verified against the shelf list and local Innopac for
duplication and accuracy).

A search against the AUTOCAT archives will give more information, but here is
an excerpt from a message from 1-APRIL-1992.  (Message regards cuttering/title

        10 respondents: classify periodicals
                Cutter under earliest title published: 2
                Cutter under earliest title owned:  6
                Cutter under latest title:  2

        Additional comments:
                We cutter for the first title we have and it doesn't matter
        what format it's in.
                We use L.C.'s cutter, even if it is based on an earlier title
        which we don't own
                We follow L.C. policy by giving a new cutter of even a new
        class number when the volume designation changes.
                We cutter based on the latest title in hand at the time of
        cataloging--from then on the cutter doesn't change.

I hope this is of some help to you.

Good luck,
Paula Coulthard
Cataloging Dept.
Rod Library, UNI Cedar Falls, IA