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212 field (Judy Wilkerson) ANN ERCELAWN 09 Sep 1993 02:06 UTC

Date: 08 Sep 1993 18:15:00 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: RE: 212 field (Thomas Sanders)

The answer to your question is sometimes.  We loaded the title abbreviations
into a uniform title field that was
indexed as a title and searchable with a title search on our OPAC.
We had intended to edit them to match the Medlars abbreviations.  We may do
that at some future date but since our online catalog does not recognize
punctuation, in most cases, even though the abbreviation is slightly different,
the search is successful for the client.
Unfortunately, I will have to stop my message in mid-thought because someone
on the mainframe is persistently interrupting me.  I appologize.  You may
contact me with questions.
Judy Wilkerson
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
(405) 271-2671