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Allocation formula for serials (2 messages) Birdie MacLennan 21 Sep 1993 13:27 UTC

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Date:         Mon, 20 Sep 1993 08:45:38 -0400
From:         Margaret Grove <mgrove@SPARTAN.AC.BROCKU.CA>
Subject:      Allocation formula for serials

My apologies for having inadvertently failed to sign my posting of
Friday, Sept. 17 regarding allocation formulas for serials.

Margaret Grove
Acquisitions/Collections Librarian
Brock University Library
St. Catharines, Ont.
L2S 3A1

Date:         Tue, 21 Sep 1993 08:10:43 -0400
From:         Dianne Cook <COOKDC@QUCDN.BITNET>
Subject:      Allocation formula for serials

 *** Reply to note of 09/17/93 23:45
 Subject: Allocation formula for serials
 As one working in a library which has kept track of
 spending by department, I would recommend not breaking
 breaking things down finer than areas like humanities, social
 sciences, physical science, applied science, etc.  This gives you
 a picture of what you are doing so that you can make sure that you
 are not starving one area and providing too much support for another
 but leaves you more flexibility to make trade-offs when you are
 downsizing.  You can also assign interdisciplinary tools to broad categories.

 Another difficulty we have run into is that despite our efforts
 to turn all our subscriptions into annual renewals expenditures for
 any given department seem to zig-zag upwards (say, up 10%, down 3%
 up 15% down 4%) but some fields are up in the year that others are
 down, so that overall the pattern is a steady and steep increase in cost.