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Re: Classification of periodicals/serials query Kathleen Thorne 08 Oct 1993 21:21 UTC

Are we in the minority? All our periodicals are classified, and have been
for years.  The patrons, students and faculty alike, like it:
the call numbers are similar to the ones they are looking for in
monographs (we put a "per" over the call number to identify the
periodicals), and it means that one doesn't have to remember all
the titles in one's field to be able to access them: for instance,
most physics titles are in the QCs.  Our microfilm/fiche is still
stored in alpha order, and title changes/mergers make that a real
nightmare at times. Since in reality all the microforms HAVE call
numbers, one of these days we may re-arrange to call number order.
Part of our logic is that if all formats have call numbers, it's
easier on the patrons than trying to remember which are shelved by
call no., which are alpha, which are by color, etc.

Kathleen Thorne
San Jose State University