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Re: Publication pattern - Consumer Guide (Jim Mouw) Marcia Tuttle 22 Oct 1993 10:55 UTC

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Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1993 09:09:28 +0700
From: James Mouw <mouw@MIDWAY.UCHICAGO.EDU>
Subject: Re: Publication pattern - Consumer Guide (Joanna Tousley-Escalante)

It sounds like what Joanna is asking for is a way to maintain multiple
check-in sequences on a single record.  One solution to that problem is to
implement the USMARC Format for Holdings and Locations (MFHL) and to use the
844 option.

We have this up and running on our local system and it has solved many of
our check-in problems.

Basically, the 844 allows us to split a single bibliographic entity into
multiple component parts.

In our implementation the records would behave as follows:

We have a single bibliographic record

We have multiple holdings records attached to the bib. record, each carrying
the same call number and copy number (we can have multiple holdings with the
same copy number, some systems don't allow this).  Each holding record
contains the full suite of Holdings 008, 853/854/855, 863/864/864
combinations, etc. which reflect that component part.

Each holding record also contains an 844 field identifying the component
part that should be recorded there.  The 844 field specifications allow us
to make up headings (within reason).  For example, we have split titles
which produce both abstracts and indexes into two holdings records.  One 844
will read Abstracts and the other will read Indexes.

In most cases we have a single order record, attached to the bibliographic
record.  This is where the payments reside.

Claiming is prompted through each individual holding record.  In the case
listed above, a missing abstract volume would be prompted from that 844.  We
have a way to reference order numbers between holdings records, so the claim
would still contain the correct order references.

This has solved almost all of our difficult check-in problems.

Jim Mouw
University  of Chicago

>Date: 21 Oct 1993 16:04:19 -0500
>From: Joanna Tousley-Escalante <joanna@CCWF.CC.UTEXAS.EDU>
>Subject: Publication pattern - Consumer Guide
>We are still in the midst of bringing up the Serials Module on our Dynix
>system.  We've stubbed our toe on how to handle the publication pattern
>for "Consumer Guide".  I think that somehow we need a record for what we
>subcribe to - that is Consumer Guide.  However, there is not really a
>thing that comes every month (week?) that is simply Consumer Guide.  It
>comes as it's many sub-series and special issues.  There appears to be no
>running number at any level that identifies each issue as the next
>expected number for Consumer Guide.
>We have also, long before this era of having an online serials control
>system, cataloged many of the individual titles as such - New Car Guide,
>Used Car Guides, etc.  The public service staff like very much having the
>separate titles entered as separate titles for search and retrieval
>purposes.  It's almost like subscribing to a small collection of serials
>by subscribing to one mega title.
>Have others of you on any serials system been able to define a workable
>solution that fits all of the questions for this title?  a.) serials
>checkin, b.) serials invoicing, c.) serials subscription and renewals, and
>the final question of c.) serials cataloging?  Can we have one solution
>for all the component parts?  Should we keep a kardex handy?
>You can answer me at my personal address listed below.  Thanks to you all
>for your support and dialogue on SERIALST!
>                                     Cordially,
>                                     Joanna Tousley-Escalante
>                                     Austin Community College
>                                     internet:
>                                     fax:       512/483-7773