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ALA/NASIG (John Riddick) Marcia Tuttle 26 Oct 1993 09:26 UTC

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Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1993 14:09:54 EDT
From: "3tec6hw@cmuvm" <>
Subject: ALA/NASIG

In recent days I recall reading mail regarding NASIG (North American Serials
Interest Group) and the serials activities centered in ALCTS.  The general
thrust of the comments suggested that a sense of competition has arisen between
the two organizations and that possibly one's loyalties should be cast to one
or the other group.  As co-founder and first president of NASIG, I am not at
ease and never have been with the members of the serials information chain
being placed in such a milieu.  The basic tenet which Becky Lenzini and I
shared with the initiation of NASIG embraced the importance, viability and need
for both ALA and NASIG.  To us ALA was our professional organization.  It
certified our schools of library science, it fought for us in the courts, it
represented us to the agencies of government and generality supported us as a
profession in the highest sense.  On the other hand, NASIG was to inculcate the
sense of inclusivity of the members of the serials chain, to provide an
informal sense of communication and collegiality in relaxed surroundings, and
to offer at a low cost professional development especially for those early in
their careers who had yet to establish the social and professional ties at
the national level or the financial support to experience it.

Although I can not speak for the governing bodies of either organization, I
can only hope and urge each member of the serials chain to consider and to
respect the values and contributions of each organization and to support each
as they are able.


John F. Riddick
Professor and Head
Acquisition Services
Central Michigan University