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Correction for Serials Review 19(4):43 (Shiela Keil Osheroff) Birdie MacLennan 11 Nov 1993 21:14 UTC

Date: Thu, 11 Nov 93 12:46:29 PST
From: Shiela Keil Osheroff <>
Subject: Correction for Serials Review 19(4):43 (winter 1993)

 Subscribers to Serials Review may wish to insert the following update
 information ahead of page 43 of vol. 19, no. 4 (Winter 1993).  Between
 the time the final draft of the article went to press and the time the
 files were mounted on the ftp site, the University's Computer Service
 changed the name of the directory in which the files reside.  The new
 directory name is: pub/user/internet-vendors.

 Instructions for retrieving the article or sections of the article
 from ftp site:
     login: anonymous
     at "password:" use your e-mail address in username@hostname format
     at ftp prompt: cd pub/user/internet-vendors
     at the ftp prompt: dir
     at the ftp prompt: get readme.first
     (The readme.first file outlines the contents of the other files in
          this directory.)
     at ftp prompt: get (name of other file wanted)
     When finished with transfers, input "bye" at ftp prompt.

               Shiela Keil Osheroff