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VLA PARA. Preliminary Conference Agenda (Ophelia Payne) Marcia Tuttle 25 Nov 1993 05:42 UTC

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Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1993 13:40:03 EST
From: "Ophelia M. Payne" <omp2w@UVA.PCMAIL.VIRGINIA.EDU>
Subject: VLA PARA. Preliminary Conference Agenda

The VLA PARAPROFESSIONAL FORUM will present its Second Annual
Paraprofessional Conference on May 23-24, 1994 at the University of
Richmond, Richmond, VA.  The theme for next year's conference will be:

                        CHALLENGES OF THE FUTURE:


      A program to enhance the professional development of paraprofessionals
      and to provide workshops, presentations, roundtables, panels and
      networking opportunites.

                          PRELIMINARY AGENDA

                            May 23-24, 1994

      Monday, May 23

      7:30-8:30       Breakfast (Heilman Dining Center)

      8:30-9:00       Registration

      9:00-9:30       Welcome Introductions

      9:30-10:30      Keynote Address "OUR RESPONSIBILITIES AS
                      PARAPROFESSIONALS"- Anna Kehnast (Co-chair of
                      ALA SSIRT and NJALA).

      10:45-12:15     First Session

                      A. Getting from Here to There Via Internet
                      (Hands on - Limit 18/24 per session). Beginner's
                      access to the world via electronic communication.

                      B. Sink of Swim
                      Time management skills for problems of shrinking
                      staff, budget cuts and morale.

                      C. Ergonomics
                      Is your desk/chair right for you?

                      D. Resume! Resume! Resume!
                      Everything you ever wanted to know about resumes,
                      styling of emphasize, qualifications.

                      E. Writing Skills
                      How to write for business and publication.

      12:15-1:30      Lunch (Heilman Dining Center)

      1:30-3:00       Second Sessions

                      F. Getting From Here to There via Internet
                      (Limit 42- Beginners- Hands on).

                      G. Arrest the Stress
                      The power of laughter and play to relieve stress
                      and help us become more productive in our lives
                      and our jobs.

                      H. Plateauing and Career Challenges
                      Do we stand still of do we search for avenues of
                      challenge and new opportunities?

                      I. The Golden Rule Revisited (Panel)
                      Paraprofessionals and Professionals working together
                      as members of a team.

                      J. "Netting Around the World and Back
                      Developing and managing staff use of electronic mail.
                      Who, How, and Why of E-mail. (Issues oriented, not
                      hands on).

      3:15-4:15       Roundtable Discussions
                        Departmental discussions on policies, staffing
                        procedures, and problems within various depart-

      5:00-5:45       Reception (Lora Robins Gallery)

      6:00-7:30       Banquet (Heilman Dining Center)
                      Speaker- Karen Williams- "Humor in the Workplace."

      8:30--     Tours, Entertainment, and Networking

      Tuesday, May 24

      7:30-8:30       Breakfast (Heilman Dining Center)

      8:30-9:00       Registration

      9:00-9:30       Welcome and Recognitions

      9:30-10:30      Keynote Speaker- Edward Gillen (NYSLAA Secretary,
                      Editor Newsletter and NYSL). "Control Your Destiny".

      10:45-12:15     First Session

                      K. Getting From Here to There via Internet
                      (Beginners - Limit 42- Hands on)

                      L. Horror in the Stacks!
                      The need and demand for preservation and
                      conservation in our libraries.

                      M. Leadership vs. Management
                      There are leaders and there are managers, but
                      do the "twain" meet?

                      N. Will or Not to Will
                      The pros and cons of living wills, power of attorney,
                      wills and trust.

                      O. Personnel Issues
                      Personnel issues facing the workforce today.

      12:15-1:30      Lunch (Heilman Dining Center)

      1:30-3:00       Second Session

                      P. Getting From Here to There via Internet
                      (Beginners - Limit 42- Hands on

                      Q. To Communicate and Its Effect on the Job or
                         Not to Communicate
                      The path to understanding, problem solving and
                      self empowerment through effective communications.

                      R. Strange Encounters
                      How to handle difficult people.

                      S. Training is Essential! - OJT or Otherwise!
                      A well trained staff is a productive and efficient

                      T. Investments
                      How to plan for the future.

      3:15-3:45       Closing Session

For more information please contact:

Dianne Lucado
Cataloging Dept.
Virginia Tech.
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Blacksburg, VA 24062-9001

Ophelia M. Payne
Cataloging Dept.
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