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Reclass/relabeling project (Judy Sackett) Marcia Tuttle 25 Nov 1993 05:44 UTC

Please respond to Judy Sackett, not to serialst. -ed.

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Date: Wed, 24 Nov 1993 16:15:22 EST
From: Steve Savage <SMSAVA01@UKCC.UKY.EDU>
Subject: Reclass/relabeling project

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The University of Kentucky will soon begin construction of a new main library
that will integrate several collections.  We are also planning to reclass the
remainder of our Dewey collection into LC.  The majority of the reclassed
books and serials will need to remain in place until they are integrated
with the LC books at the time of the move.

We are interested in knowing how other libraries may have dealt with this
problem.  According to C&RL News, June 1989, the University of Florida left
their volumes in Dewey order and temporarily labeled them at the top of the
spine with the new LC call number.  After the move, permanent labels were put
over the Dewey numbers.

If you have done this, or handled the same problem in a different way (whether
successful or not), please share the details of your experience with us.

Please send responses directly to me, rather than to the listserv. I'll be
happy to forward any responses to any other interested parties, unless, of
course, original senders request otherwise.

Thank you.
Judy Sackett