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o/p/r Pat Barbour (29 Nov 1993 13:06 UTC)

o/p/r Pat Barbour 29 Nov 1993 13:06 UTC

In reply to Elena Romaniuk:


         Not to worry!  The N and R lines remain in all opr's through the close
of fiscal period.  The only change you will see to opr's is the addition of an
N line for *Recommitted as part of fiscal year close.*.  We have been using
opr's for check-in and acquisitions since 1989/1990 respectively and have had
no loss of data expect during our first FYC.  Since then we have taken the
added precaution of suspending check-in and new ordering for a day while the
FYC programs are being run.

        You should have no major problems, but Good Luck --just in case!

Pat Barbour
Serials Coordinator
Central Michigan University
Mt. Pleasant, MI  48859