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Address Info. Request Terry Schiissler 29 Nov 1993 17:14 UTC

Please reply to Terry Schiissler; not to SERIALST.  Thanks.  --ed.

----------------------------Original message----------------------------
We are experiencing difficulty receiving issues of the journal
"Socialist Worker Review" published in London, England.  The journal
has changed title to "Socialist Review" and now to "International
Socialism" (according to Ulrichs).  The latest address we have is the
same as that listed in Ulrichs.  This is also the same address that our
agent is using.  They too are having difficulty claiming on our behalf.
The address we have is:
     Socialist Worker Review
     P.O. Box 82
     London    E3 3LH

Is anyone else receiving this journal and are you up to date?  If so, could
you please advise me of any address or FAX # changes.

Please reply directly to me as I do not want to clutter up the list.
Many thanks in advance.

Terry Schiissler
Subscription Supervisor
Library Serials Department
University of Regina
Regina, Saskatchewan    CANADA