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I just received this rather alarming announcement over BI-L.  My apologies
if you've already read it somewhere else.
Libraries are Again At Risk in FY95 Budget

Just after the President called for the extension of the information
infrastructure to every "school, hospital, and library" in his State of the
Union address earlier this month, he proposed to scale back library programs
that could help make this more than just a goal. The FY95 Clinton-Gore Budget
calls for a $25.9 million cut in Library Services and Construction Act funding
that would mean the total elimination of key programs including public library
literacy programs and training for librarians.  In addition, the Budget calls
for the total elimination of funding for Higher Education Act (HEA) programs!

What Does this Mean?

For the foreseeable future, public libraries will be a vital technology access
point for millions of Americans. And even when (if) every American home is
"wired," libraries will still be needed to offer the training and education
vital to the effective use of technology. For example,  27 million illiterate
Americans will have little chance to benefit from digital libraries if public
library literacy programs (LSCA Title VI) are cut. The Administration's stated
aims for technology diffusion and for education (See "Goals 2000") cannot be
reached if public libraries are debilitated.

What can you do?

Write your Senators and member of Congress. Ask that they strongly oppose the
elimination of federal funding for libraries at a time when libraries are
crucial to promoting information equity. Your action is especially needed if
your legislator sits on the House or Senate Subcommittee on Labor, Health and
Human Services, and Education.

Your member of Congress                 Your Senator
U.S. House of Representatives            U.S. Senate
Washington, DC 20515                            Washington, DC 20510

Subcommittees on Labor, Health and Human Services and Education
SENATE: Byrd (WV), Hollings (SC), Inouye (HI), Bumpers (AK), Reid (NV), Kohl
(WI), Murray (WS), Specter (PA), Hatfield (OR), Stevens (AK) Cochran (MS),
Gorton (WA), Mack (FL), Bond (MO)

HOUSE: Natcher (KY), Smith (IA), Obey (WI), Stokes (OH), Hoyer (MD), Pelosi
(CA), Lowey (NY), Serrano (NY), DeLauro (CT), Porter (IL), Young (FL),Bentley
(MD), Bonilla (TX)

Thanks for your help! For more information, contact Libraries for the Future
212-682-7446 or by e-mail at lpowers@phantom.com.