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ABLE bindery preparation software Jan Merrill-Oldham 08 Mar 1994 14:41 UTC

In response to Deborah Holme's request for information about automated
bindery preparation, we have used ABLE in the University of Connecticut
Libraries Preservation Department since June 1988.  We're currently
working with version 4.3 (Debora mentioned version 1.4--I suspect these
numbers are transposed).  We like ABLE very much; with each new release
it improves significantly.  Version 5.0 is due out in early summer and will
have important new features.  We use the software to prepare binding
instructions for all materials; to store binding instructions for serials, and
monographic sets and series; to store binding history files; and to run
statistical reports. With Version 5.0 all management reports will be

Our dislike:  The University of Connecticut is a NOTIS site.  NOTIS has not
shown interest thus far in working with Mekatronics, the firm that has
underwritten the development of ABLE, to interface the two systems (or
to interface with any other automated bindery preparation system).  The
addition  of a sophisticated binding module to those already offered by
NOTIS would be a great service both to NOTIS/ABLE libraries, and to NOTIS
libaries that have not yet automated library binding.  We'd like to be
working in an integrated environment.