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Date: Tue, 8 Mar 1994 13:49:00 CDT
From: Judy Hathway <HATHWAY@MACC.WISC.EDU>
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Subject: Serial title change?

     Serials title change question:

     Can't figure out what's happening here, or maybe its -
someone seems to have missed something and I'm not so sure it's
not me.  Could someone  who also owns these titles take a look at
this and venture an opinion?
  _Comparative biochemistry and physiology_ is updating itself
this year (as so many titles seem to be doing) and adopting a new
layout for each of its 3 sections A,B,C. The 245 for the 1993
issues according to OCLC are:

Comparative biochemistry and physiology. $A, $p Comparative
physiology  (OCLC 1237399

Comparative biochemistry and physiology. $B, $p Comparative
biochemistry (OCLC 1237378)

Comparative biochemistry and physiology. $C, $p Comparative
pharmacology & toxicology.

The issues for 1994 all have CBP at the top and the section
alpha ($n A) has dropped to the bottom.

All three of the OCLC records were updated in early February to
add 246 10 CBP $f 1994-.  That's all that was done as far as I
can tell (looks like it might have been NSD).

It looks to me like at least two of these are title changes as

Section B was comparative biochemistry and is now, Biochemistry
and molecular biology (cover) and Comparative biochemistry and
molecular biology (t.p).  (thats another problem)

Section C was Comparative pharmacology & toxicology and is now
Pharmacology, toxicology & endocrinology (cover, t.p.)

Section A is a little different.  The cover title is Physiology
while the title page remains Comparative physiology.  (This is
not a title change by the rules YET)

The ISSN's have not changed.

The little blurb that tells you when each section is coming out
and how much it costs still retains the 1993 section titles.

Does that little blurb mean these are NOT title changes, if not,
why weren't the new cover, t.p. changes noted in 246s when the
serial records were updated in Feb.

Sections B and C look like real title changes to me, and my
inclinations is to make a new record for them.


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